Ballistic Drumming Testimonials

Here's Just A Few Of The Thousands Of Success Stories From My Private Files Along With What Magazine and Companies Are Saying.

"Joe Stronsick's unique system represents a giant leap forward in bass drum technique - especially for developing speed and control. He presents his ideas in easy, logical steps that allow any drummer to develop lightning-fast feet!"

Andy Doerschuk 
Editor - DRUM! Magazine 

I bought books, double pedals and videos and it seemed like it would take years to reach my goals until I started with Joe Stronsick’s Ballistic Technique. Within 30 minutes, I was able to accomplish some things that I could not do for years with other books and techniques.”

Charles Collins 
Session Drummer  - Played on 12 Platinum & 15 Gold Albums (Elton John, Movie Soundtracks, etc)

I've just finished another Ballistic Drumming workout and I still can't believe that those were MY feet playing double bass drums. Your method is fantastic.  Being a drummer for over 30 years, I've naturally seen and heard all the claims for improving double bass proficiency.  But in the short time that I've followed your instructions and worked out using the Ballistic Method, I can honestly say that I've improved faster than I ever believed possible.

I'm now doing open rolls, mixing doubles, singles, and flams.  It sounds like I'm playing my bass drums with my hands.
What I really appreciate about your instructions is that you demonstrate how to apply it to a wide variety of music styles.  This has opened up a whole new and exciting dimension to my playing."

Steve Filarecki 
Pro Drummer 

In combining congas, timbales, and drum set with your Ballistic System, it has helped me immensely in my double pedal playing. I highly recommend Joe Stronsick’s Ballistic System! Ballistic is the way to go!”

Walfredo Reyes Sr. 
Pioneer of World Music 

I got immediate results and it takes potential speed to a whole new level.”

Rocky Neill 
Author - Mel Bay's Complete Double Bass Cook Book 

It takes the secret out of drumming. Nobody is showing what Joe is. It's the best drum video I have ever seen. I got it saturday and immediately - it started happening. I was putting doubles and singles together. It was so natural and easy. For the last 10 years I was taught the wrong way!"

Paul Cohen 
Pro Drummer 

We, at Gibraltar, are pleased that Joe with the Ballistic System has chosen our pedals to demonstrate his incredible pedal technique. The Ballistic Drumming System is special for several reasons. First, it puts incredible technical skill within the reach of average players. Lastly, it speaks to you and not over you as do many instructional videos on the market."

John Roderick Jr. 
Direcotr, Gibraltar 

Honest, legitimate, a lot of thought went into this system. So much information, I'm really happy to finally see a video that covers this kind of hidden information. I've gone through 3 different teachers and I've gotten more from this system. To have the best bass drums you start with the Ballistic System.  I'm keeping this system a secret.”

Bob Thompson 
Pro Drummer 

As a professional drummer for over 20 years, I must thank you for this incredible information.  You're ballistic drumming system has allowed me to realize stuff I've only dreamed of.  My double bass chops are terrifying drummers. 

Seriously, with my touring, teaching and recording schedule,  I get very little time to "woodshed" a new concept. I've always wanted the same flexibility with my feet that I have with my hands.  Your ballistic material taught me just that.
I'm playing doubles and flams in days not months.  I've been able to apply your techniques to a wide variety of music: Funk, Latin, Surf, Swing, Rockabilly as well as Rock and Thrash.  It's Incredibly easy and no gimmicks.

Now I won't mislead anyone, this, like all things must be practiced and learned.  But we're talking weeks NOT years. And...  you're a real nice guy to boot.  Keep up the good work. "

Trey Sabatelli 
Pro Drummer - The Tubes, Jefferson Starship, Missing Man Formation 

I wanted to share my experiences with Joe’s Double Bass Drum Technique. I met Joe at a NAMM show and we were discussing double bass drum technique and he promised to show me something that I have never seen that would improve my double bass drum technique immediately. So I went over his house and we spent time working on the technique, and the positioning of the pedal and beater. I’m here to say that it is definitely unique and definitely different and it will increase your ability very very quickly.
     This is the crème-de-la-crème technique that you should definitely check out because what you’re doing is playing faster with less effort, you don’t have to work as hard and that will ultimately give you more stamina, endurance and you’ll just play better. I was definitely impressed and I recommend that people check this out."

Kenny Aronoff 
Pro Drummer - Ricky Martin, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. 

I was shocked at how good you are at drumming and astounded at how great you are at teaching your method to others. After owning your material for literally only a couple of weeks I took my new speed to the Warped Tour's Extreme Sport Drumming competition in Boston MA. It only took ONE TRY for me to set the fastest feet record for the entire Boston area. But, it wasn't really just the speed that you taught me that helped me win. It was the confidence. This award actually helped me get a couple of gigs. And I have you to thank. Your Ballistic Bass Drumming System is incredible"

Lenny Vitulli 
Drummer - Fastest Feet Record Holder 

I played professionally as a touring and recording artist and I've always struggled with my bass drum technique. I have taken lessons from many well-known and not so well-known instructors and no one has ever explained all the details the way you do. I was completely blown away. The right information is the key to learning anything. All I can say I thanks for sharing the unvarnished truth about bass drum technique. The world needs more teachers like Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick"

Ned Rankin 
Pro Drummer - Recording Artist 

I hooked up with Joe and went in the back of his studio.  Within minutes I was doing things that I never thought I could do with my bass drums. Like swiss triplets and flamming and things like that. I bought his video, book and system and within a couple of weeks I was rolling my bass drums. His system really works."

Chuck Morris 
Pro Drummer - Arsenio Hall Show, Modern Drummer Festivals, Chaka Kan, and more

It was really an honor to meet one of the fastest bass pedal player if not the fastest bass pedal player in the world. Your Ballistic System doubled my speed without exerting too much effort, and it gave me more room on my volume and dynamics."

Jun Regalado 
Asia's #1 Studio Drummer - Recorded on over 2000 Albums